Tecosha, is the writing pseudonym for the producer and songwriter Dave Savard. His music uses elements of modern alt pop acts such as Bon Iver and Arcade Fire, and blends it with his “behind the scenes” style inspired by producers such as: AG, Esterly, and Atticus Ross. His work process is to dial in with the artistic connections and turn them into commercially viable pop songs.

Since completing his Master Certificate in Songwriting and Production with Berklee College, Tecosha is steadily progressing through the indie music industry. He is forging a name as a reliable co-writer and a specialist in sync friendly songs. All of this, while still maintaining the spirit of creativity well alive.



Cell/Text: (604) 780-9728

Bio (Long)

The musical journey began, in Quebec City, when Dave Savard received his first guitar as a birthday present, at the age of five. Then, to get through high school, he added drawing to keep his hyperactive mind busy. It allowed him to step away from boredom, and create his own imaginary world. A world located somewhere between vinyl album artwork and Bugs Bunny’s fantasies.

In college, he studied Fine Arts and Communication Arts. At night and on weekends, he played bass with various local punk rock, emo-core and post-rock bands. At that time music had become the central point of his life. During that period, he recorded several indie albums and toured with his bands across Canada and the United States. Some of the bands were: Unsafe, June, Equilibrium, MyDay, Sound of Freedom, and Land of Nubia.

After many years of touring and somewhat intense living, He decided to slow down and do something gracefully important. He founded a family. Taking a break from the road and the bands, he reoriented his career on songwriting. 

Following a few years of solo writing, with the intent to craft better songs, he enrolled for the Master Certificate in Production and Songwriting, with Berklee College. Three years later, in December 2019, he successfully completed his certificate.

Meanwhile, Dave created a new identity called Tecosha, an acronym for: Textures + Colours + Shapes. The project started, in 2015, as a creative outlet blending photography and music. It allowed him to experiment with music, while studying music. 

Subsequently, the music and the team surrounding Tecosha expanded. What started as an experimental project has evolved into a producing entity, blending visual arts with music for films and television, other artists, as well as for the simple pleasure of making entertainment. 

Through his professional career Dave always had an appeal for entrepreneurship. As a first venture, in 1990, he co-created an indie music publication called Melomane magazine. This was a first logical step, mixing his passion for music and his new learned graphic design skills. As an off-shoot of the magazine, he co-founded an indie music label. 3 years later Dave left the business and went on tour with his band June, and then followed by Equilibrium. The latter eventually relocated to Vancouver, BC. 

Throughout the following years, he got involved in two design studios (Studio 021 and Elements Branding). Later, in 2019, Dave created a micro publishing company (West First Publishing), to release his new body of work. To this day, Dave freelances as an art director/graphic designer, in the world of advertising. This work allows him to remain creative and occasionally offers him opportunities to place his music in tv commercials, corporate videos, web ads, radio spots, and such. Dave is also an active member of Songwriter Association of Canada, Songtown USA, Music BC, and a Jury for Factor.

He is currently living and working in Vancouver, BC. Happiness, peacefulness and positivity remain common throughout all of his work. As an artist, his goal is to contribute and make a difference by creating and sharing beauty.

Key Dates

  • January 2015
    Creation of Tecosha.
  • May 2015
    Release of “Imaginary Movies” LP. 16 Instrumental pieces accompanied by a 48 pages photo booklet.
  • January 2016
    Enrollment at Berklee Online “Keyboard for the Electronic Musician”.
  • January 2017
    Beginning of “Master Certificate in Master Certificate in Writing and Producing Music”.
  • December 2016
    Release of a 4 songs EP “This​.​Is​.​Our​.​Imagination”.
  • July 2017
    Tecosha wrote the music for a dance choreography created by Dance Dupuis, a Vancouver Dance Company.
  • June 2018
    Tecosha’s first soundtrack for an television ad for Gateway Casinos.
  • August, 2019
    Release of a 4 songs EP “Textures + Colours + Shapes | Vol II”.
  • August 2019
    Release of a single “Diffuse”.
  • October 2019
    Release of a single “Rim”.
  • December 2019
    Completion of music certificate.
  • December 2019
    Release of a 2 songs EP “Evolution”. The song Evolution, was re-released in March 2021 on a 10 songs vinyl compilation “A New Kind of You”.
  • March 2020
    Tecosha joins the SongtownUSA Sync Writing Group. A select group of writers specialising in music for sync.
  • April 2020
    Release of a single “Back in 2020”
  • April 2020
    Release of a single “Momento”.
  • May 2020
    Release of a single “TLU”.
  • May 2020
    Release of a single “Reconnaissance”.
  • June 2020
    Release of a single “Instance”.
  • November 2020
    Teocha signs a 2 songs publishing deal with Black Toast Music, from L.A..
  • December 2020
    Tecosha signs a 6 songs publishing deal with an exclusive music library, Spider Cues, from L.A..
  • January 2021
    Release of a 2 songs EP “Sonic Journal 21-01”.
  • February 2021
    Release of the first singles featuring vocals “More”, “Before It Ends” and “Dance Floor On The Cloud”.
  • April 2021
    Release of 3 singles  “Evening Sun”, “Take Me Home”, and “River Song”.