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By Sonic Journal
Next month, I will be sending out my first monthly newsletter.

I will use it to introduce the world of Tecosha. I will talk about my recent work, project updates, insights, collaborations, and some “behind the scenes” info about my work process.

Thanks for your support!

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    By Sonic Journal

    Today I need to remind myself to “stay focused”. Some days are more challenging, and that’s the way it is. Focus on the fun stuff. ✌?

    Blending Divisions

    By Photography

    Looking for details to blend and new life to emerge. This one is a clash between the city and nature’s tranquility. That same collision awakes inspiration and stimulation. 


    By Photography

    Created while looking for a visual to represent my next release “Take Me Home”. I ended using another piece for the the artwork but I saved this one to stand on its own. The routes in the sky leading home.